Saturday, April 25, 2020

Vintage and Antique Book Collection

Just about everyone collects something. Me, I collect vintage and antique books. (Skulls as well, but we won't go into that here.)

While nothing I have is particularly valuable, they're all special to me. I personally find them beautiful and am often amazed that they've survived as long as they have.

Most of my collection were discovered at local library sales, with a few used book shops and Etsy sales thrown in. I'd love to begin exploring antique shops in our general area with the hopes of expanding the collection. While I planned on starting my little exploration adventure this spring, the COVID-19 pandemic has put things on hold. Hopefully I can move forward with my weird little hobby again next year.

For now, I'll be cataloging these old beauties and sharing them here with you. This is mainly so I have a record of what is on the shelves as well as a general idea of when each book was printed. It's my hope that, if something happens to me, the list will help these books go to good homes rather than just being dumped into a trash bin somewhere.

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